Workshops with Saskia

Saskia delivers Plastic Free Period workshops in schools and in the wider community proudly supported by WEN, the Women’s Environmental Network.

Saskia has trained as part of their two campaigns: Rethink Periods which is aimed at school age children, and Environmenstrual aimed at educating in the workplace, in the community and online!

Book a Workshop

To book Saskia for pupil workshops in schools, teacher training sessions or parent talks, please contact Olivia now.

Some feedback from pupils

The best part about today’s lesson was how enthusiastic you were about periods!
Year 6 boy

I liked how the lesson was social and we didn’t just sit down.
Year 6 girl

I loved learning about how countries celebrate their first period.
Year 6 girl

This lesson was really fun! 5/5!
Year 6 boy

Feedback from teachers & Parents

The aim of the workshop was to highlight and undermine external pressures relating to body image that may erode the pupils’ self-esteem. Not only did Saskia overwhelmingly achieve this but she had total buy-in from pupils.

Head of Middle School at London Independent school observing Year 6 workshop on Body Image

Excellent, informative and honest!
Parent of 4 and 7 year old boys

Very positive feedback given from all staff who attended. Great resources left for staff to use too.

Deputy head and Pastoral lead at Independent School after Staff INSET


Principal, when asked if they would recommend staff INSET to other schools

An hour ago I felt totally overwhelmed and stressed at the thought of how to tackle the sex talk with my kids. Now I feel prepared…and calm! Thank you!
Parent of 3 girls aged 3, 8 and 11