What people are saying about “This Period in my Life”


“So far as I know..there is no such book with such simple facts and images…it’s a wonderful contribution for young people, for fathers (like me)..plain speaking…direct..no nonsense.

It is a book we should have had as children.

It’s a beautiful contribution to human life!

Jon Snow, journalist and broadcaster


“I wish this book had existed when I was growing up and knew precisely nothing about my anatomy or how periods work. Knowledge is power and this book is stuffed full of the good stuff.”

Emma Barnett, journalist and broadcaster


“I wish I had had this excellent book when I had my first period. It was such a confusing time and the information was so sketchy, Saskia Boujo talks about periods in such a straightforward – even funny – way. She debunks all of the inaccurate stories that are told, and totally removes any sense of fear someone might have. I particularly appreciated her discussion of period poverty and her good suggestions about what can be done. An essential guide for any young person approaching puberty.”

Rosie Boycott, writer, editor


“A powerful book designed to spread period confidence and combat period stigma, which holds us all back! Such a helpful read to any one of any age and gender.”

Laura Coryton, ‘End Tampon Tax’ petition starter and co-founder of ‘Sex Ed Matters’


“Makes me wish I had periods too!”

Earl of Uxbridge

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