About Saskia

Saskia is a relationship and sex educator who has been teaching young people for almost 20 years.

This Period in My Life is her first book. She was inspired and motivated by the many myths and misconceptions around periods that she battled with in the classroom, that seemed to reinforce a very negative narrative around menstruation. She believes that better education around menstruation is a right, but frustratingly it is squeezed into just a few theoretical lessons that are lacking in practical advice that young people are desperate for, and entitled to.

Saskia continues to work closely with primary and secondary school children to try to reclaim the positivity around the menstrual cycles, as well as try to introduce an environmental element to their choice of menstrual product.

Saskia has 3 children all born through IVF. She believes that had she had better education around periods she could potentially have avoided her infertility, caused by endometriosis. She continues to campaign to try to remove the stigma around fertility related issues, though her work educating young people is now her main occupation.